About Us

A little about us. Our story starts with Cierra (me), sisters McKenzie and Ashley, Dave (Dad) and Peggy (Mom). We live on approximately 6 acres on a wooded hillside in the middle of Hocking Hills in Southeastern Ohio. We have 4 dogs, 5 cats, 1 guinea pig and our beloved LaManchas. Hence the name Mayhem.
Looking for a lifestyle change, we moved to Hocking Hills approximately 6 years ago from Columbus.  Knowing nothing about livestock, I joined 4-H and took a market rabbit project.  That summer for a club fundraiser I worked at a petting zoo where I took care of many animals mostly of which were dairy goats.  I knew then where my heart was.  After much research and begging my family agreed to give it a try. (Fortunately, Jenny Shelton, my 4-H advisor, had many years of experience with dairy goats.)  I saved my money from the market rabbits and purchased my first LaMancha kid. She suffers from 1st Goat Syndrome (spoiled rotten) but we love her just the same.
We started raising ADGA registered LaManchas in 2002, went to open shows, caught the fever and the rest is history. We practice strong CAE prevention and immunize our animals annually with CD&T and BoSe. 


We were very blessed to acquire quality foundation animals from Celtic-Knot and Tom-De-Jon Acres.